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Visit at Tardigrade Tactical: Nordic Theater Group on the road

Updated: May 24

Visiting Tardigrade Tactical was a highpoint and we highly appreciated the invitation.

from Birk. With the car containing quite a few of our NTG raiders, Jan Vidar lead the crew to Tardigrade in Denmark.

"The creation of Tardigrade Tactical is a direct response to the experience gained from the Global War On Terror following 9/11, that resulted in a decade's long conflict in the middle east. Serving in the Danish Army, as light reconnaissance and later in the infantry and experiencing first-hand what the operational requirements were in Helmand, Afghanistan, I felt obligated to create better equipment for my fellow soldiers, given my interest and skillset in handcrafting and concept development. Also, back then I needed a hobby…"

/Birk Anton Knudsen

Founder of Tardigrade Tactical

All Tardigrade Tactical products are available at our shop, if any questions og other demands for gear, please let us know!

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