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About us

The name Nordic Theater Group is created on the definition of a theater that is an area in which important military events occur or are progressing. It describes the ever-changing area of operations.

Nordic Theater Group is an ever-changing organisation, focusing on innovation and quality of gear for the military, law enforcement, competitive sports and everyday life.

We're a team consisting of veterans, active soldiers and nerds, with the drive, motivation and knowledge to constantly update and improve the modern warfighter with products and solutions from our collaborators. 

The Espirit de corps of Nordic Theater Group is the foundation of all actions and efforts we do. Our services imply devotion and loyalty to our fellow raiders and warriors: One for all, all for one!


Our Mindset

Customers first

We believe that all customers are equally important, that preparedness and accessibility for quality gear should be available for all. Every customer and fellow raider, regardless of experience, size, occupation, or sport, gets the same attention and engagement from us.

Uncompromising Quality

All equipment is personally tested, and we will never provide equipment we wouldn’t use ourselves in a competition, a needed situation, or in everyday life. We strive to provide the most detailed insights and support.


Never-ending Innovation

The Espirit de corps is the foundation of all actions and efforts we do. Our dedication and loyalty are to our fellow NTG raiders. We are passionate about creating and ensuring an encouraging community where we have each other’s six, both in business and everyday life.


Working with great innovators and world’s leading providers of equipment we are continuously enhancing. The partnership with our collaborators and high level of integrity pushes us forward, striving to provide you with the best gear available. 

Meet the team


Jan Vidar 

Founder and CEO

Jan Vidar is one of three founders of Nordic Theater Group AS, and the CEO. With a long run as part of the Norwegian Home Guard Quick Response Unit in Norway, and an eager PRS and NROF competitor he is passionate about tactical gear and equipment.


Get in touch with Jan Vidar by email


Product Tester and Drone Videographer 

Mats is our dedicated NTG Drone videographer and a self stated gear fanatic. As a veteran and currently part of the Norwegian Home Guard Quick Response Unit, he's not shy to provide feedback on products and concepts, either on the range or on one of his many hikes throughout the season. 



Product Tester and Social Butterfly 

Erik is a competitive NROF shooter, hunter and in general more active and outdoors than most. As a veteran and currently part of the Norwegian Home Guard Quick Response Unit, he has very high expectations for equipment and gear, and he test it to it's limits. As a social butterfly we can always rely on laughter and excellent entertainment. 

Want to join our team?

We are constantly looking for good and exciting people to work with! Do you have a skill, an instagram, youtube account or other that you think matches our brand and mission? Let us know!

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